Sharing Practice

At the heart of class is the principle of sharing practice.  Being mindful of the following will help to create and maintain a positive and safe space, in which everyone can focus and develop at their own pace.

Give yourself time

Arriving 10 minutes before class starts will give you time to get changed, get comfortable and take a minute to settle in to the space.

Aches and pains

If you have any pre-existing health conditions, injuries or concerns please let me know before class starts.


Please bring your own if you have one. A limited number of mats will be available if you don't have your own.


Lightweight, comfortable clothes may help you to move more freely and naturally.


Nobody wants to get cold during Shavasana! Bringing a blanket may help you to get comfortable and relax at the end of practice.


Showing compassion and respect towards yourself as well as others is a fundamental principle of yoga.

It's not a competition

Yoga is non-competitive in its nature. Be kind to yourself, don't rush and remember to breathe!

Leave the feast for after class

To help avoid any feelings of discomfort or sickness it may be best not to eat a heavy meal before class. Leave yourself a couple of hours.